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atlas probably did something bad :P


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I get asked very often about how my sims seem to wear accessories/hairs/clothes that are only available for the opposite gender in game. This is just a walk through of the ways you can enable pieces of CC for the opposite gender through Master Controller or by editing the CASP file in s3pe.

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elleinvogue replied to your post “how many people has Tea even been with i lost track and got confused /:”

Okay so the marriage is over cause I was like hella confused too

Oh yeah, they’ve been split up for almost 5 real life months now. But tea filed for divorce a bit ago.

  Anonymous said:
how many people has Tea even been with i lost track and got confused /:

Ever? gosh.. Lots. But recently?  Tea was with Jack for years, him and Jack had an argument, Tea run to Buck, they had sex. Tea made up with Jack, married him, and met Xavier. Tea couldn’t help himself and got in a whole mess Xave. Jack then found out and their relationship ended.

Xave didn’t want a monogamous relationship, so while with Xave Tea also explored other options. He met Jaq, their relationship eventually deepened and then a little while later met Teodoro. Teo has a very.. dominant personality and offered Tea something he’d been missing since separating from Jack, they had some kind of instant connection but kept it casual. 

Until Xave and Tea split. Tea went running to Teo and their relationship started to become more serious after that night.  So now, Tea, who didn’t really want to be in any kind of open relationship and only did so for Xaves sake, ended up not with Xave anymore but with two people he both cared for deeply. 

So now here we are. Tea is dating them both. Loves them both. While Teo and Jaq dislike each other a lot.   (see the anon below this for a bit more info ?)

I guess you have to realise even though in real world time it’s only been 5 months since Tea separated from Jack. Time in Teas universe moves faster.  All this could of happened over a year, or even longer.

  Anonymous said:
Hey i'm confused. is Tea still with Jaq?

From my FAQ.

  • Who is Tea dating? Does he have two boyfriends?

Yupp. He’s dating both Fallynraiyn’s Teodoro Zaccarda and LeithDrews Jaq Knox. Yes they both know of the other. Tea currently splits his time evenly between them both.

But yes, He is. I suppose i haven’t talked much about teo here or posted him as much (because Leith posts a lot of Tea/Jaq that i reblog so i guess there’s a lot more of that on my bloog)

Tea has been with Teo for a while too. Basically after the whole Xave open relationship disaster Tea ended up seeing both Teo and Jaq and fell for them both. It’s been very difficult for them all to work out something that works, theres been a lot of arguing, Jaq hates Teo and i guess a lot of jealousy.

  Anonymous said:
Tea is so fucking gorgeous.. casually screaming every time he's uploaded :3

Hehe, Awww <3  you must scream a lot XD He’s pretty much all i ever post :P