Look at what the bats dragged in.

Murderdolls Morgue

Jack? And Joey!?!? (and Teo wandering about without his shirt on and some sad weeby cat guy) 

I made Matt too, but kind of forgot to take any pictures of him.

  Anonymous said:
Your sim Tea really confuses me, is it a male or female???

The fact that you called him ‘it’.. is kind of super rude. He’s not a real person but, i suggest you still take note of the fact that calling someone ‘it’ when you are unsure of their gender is not a nice thing to do at all. It’s very easy to use a gender neutral ‘they’ instead.

Tea is a guy. He identifies as male. He uses male pronouns. He just wears what he wants regardless of gender labels, which these days is mostly clothes you would find in the female section of the store. 

As ive mentioned a few times, in TS4 i used a female base to create him, i found it easier (Which means yes he gets boobs when he’s pregnant, nothing i can do about it). Also because the clothes available in game for females are much more suited to Tea and because EA seem to think that males can’t wear blush or lipstick. 

If there comes a point where i’m still playing TS4 and there’s a good amount of CC that will allow me to recreate Tea as a male in game, then i may do so.

The only way i can take any kind of family photo. Look how proud Tea is that hes pregnant again. I can assure you that real Tea would NOT be happy about it at all. Tea and Teo are never gonna actually have kids. But they’re too fun to not play with like this XD

No one likes kisses from Tea. Well.. apart from Teo.

It’s Teas turn to carry the dinglehopper. Teo isn’t amused and runs off and leaves him.

Tea is impressed by Teos slightly creepy smile… Maila seems kind of impressed too…

Teo makes a friend while watching Maila. Coolest Dad ever…. 

Tea is pregnant again and he really hates it.

Tea what are you even doing?