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I tried making Tea… I dunno you guys… i dunno…

  Anonymous said:
So sorry if you've answered this already, I assume Tea's 'boytoys' are aware of each other, being um, sexually involved with Tea?

Yes. They are. They have been very aware since the beginning. Which has cause a lot of heartache and fighting. A LOT of fighting, to the point where that ‘unknown male’ that beat up Teo. That was Jaq.

We role play a lot of this stuff and so it goes a lot quicker than we can write up into story posts. And as i’ve been really all over with story posts lately because i’m just not on top of stuff and it stresses me out too much, let me take this opportunity to explain whats happened to Tea recently.

*deep breath* 

After encouragement from Tea, Jaq went to rehab. Jaq was there for 3 months and got clean. While Jaq was in rehab, Tea moved in with Teo and visited Jaq when he could. While Jaq was in rehab Tea booked a holiday to the Caribbean for them both for when he got out. When Jaq came out of rehab a lot had changed. Tea had to suddenly move back out of Teos apartment, and Jaq, now off the drugs that were numbing a lot of his problems, was struggling more and more with his illness. Tea couldn’t take it, it was too much responsibility to ‘look after’ Jaq like he had to look after Dan years ago. Tea was a bitch to Jaq and very unsympathetic. Jaq told Tea he was moving into his brothers house and wanted to go on a break. Suddenly there’s no one to go on that holiday tea booked.. So what does Tea do? He takes Teo instead.

Jaq realises because Tea cant help but post pictures all over the internet. When Tea gets home there’s a note in the apartment from Jaq, Telling Tea that he’s breaking up with him for good. There’s also a lot of hurtful insults in here. Jaq is pissed off.

leithdrew can probably talk about Jaqs reasoning and mental state more than i can. But a week or two later, Jaq follows Tea and Teo while they’re out shopping, attacks Teo.. And here we are. 

um.. so yeah. I know that’s not really what you asked, but i had to talk about it. But yes they knew about eachother.. and well in the end that’s what happened.

Teas just with Teo now, and i don’t think he’ll be trying out the whole 2 boyfriends thing again, all it’s done is cause him heartache.

Jaq named the baby Thunder… It turns out thunder is just a clone of Tea. It also turns out that Teo ended up being the only one that bothered with the child 90% of the time…

These have been sitting all neat and separated out into posts with captions in my drafts for AGES now. But the posting gameplay pictures ship has sailed. So have them all lumped together in big posts. 

Tea got pregnant when he had sex with ghost jaq. cause gameplay. That is all.


Selfie Sunday of my lolabourbonsims and me ❤

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Hi, i adore you and your characters! Can you tell me where do you find this fucking awesome pink streching ear lobe? Thanks in advance sweety. (sorry for my bad english)

Aww thankyou! And yes they are by tractusopticus here :3

murfeelee replied to your photo

Wait — are some of those tatts new? O_O Where did Princess come from? Where’s the brass knuckle? I don’t remem — *bulldozing through Lola’s old posts, amnesia, help!*

Ahaha! Yes he got new tats! You haven’t gone mad :P I replaced the old crown with a fancy one (that says princess under it :P ) And i replaced the brass knuckle and swallows chest piece with a different fancier skulls and roses thing. Then he got quite a few new ones too. They’re all on his skin now so they look much nicer :D