Look at what the bats dragged in.

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Waaaitttt. I'm lost so no more Tea and Jaq?

Tea is in a relationship with both Jaq and Teo…. I’ve said this multiple times now.

Tea: “Why didn’t you tell me it would be so hard? I did not enjoy that at all Teo!”

Teo: *rolls eyes*

… He didn’t enjoy it.

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I know you've probably answered this and I'm a total Prat for being on anon.. but do you have any of teas band shirts up for download? 0///0 mycomputersfudgedmytabletwontopenlinksiloveyousorry

woah, im so sorry, i’ve just found this in my inbox.. D:  Erm, no there’s no meteorites shirts up for download. Sorry D: 

So i have been really busy today. I’ve organised every single pose in my game, put them all into a directory with pictures and codes and they’re all tagged so i can find what i need.

It’s taken me weeks. But i spent 7+ hours straight on it today and it’s 95% done.  So what does this mean? It means that the stress i used to have from trying to work out poses in the mess that was my CC folder and likes page is a thing of the past. So. There’s a large possibility i’m going to get back into proper story posts again.


In other news things that have been posting are in a queue (which has reached the end oops) and i will be getting around to answering my inbox messages soon.

Love ‘yall


Jack! Be nice…

atlas probably did something bad :P


Hello? *tap tap* is this thing on? Hey there :D

I get asked very often about how my sims seem to wear accessories/hairs/clothes that are only available for the opposite gender in game. This is just a walk through of the ways you can enable pieces of CC for the opposite gender through Master Controller or by editing the CASP file in s3pe.

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elleinvogue replied to your post “how many people has Tea even been with i lost track and got confused /:”

Okay so the marriage is over cause I was like hella confused too

Oh yeah, they’ve been split up for almost 5 real life months now. But tea filed for divorce a bit ago.