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leithdrew asked: "Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥"

Lolll hi Leith! Guess i better do these!


1. His full name is Terrance Edward Pressley-Griffin.

2. In case you hadn’t already caught on Tea is really into bdsm and loves kitten play among many other things.

3.Tea used to be really quite overweight when he was younger. He eats constantly when he’s stressed.

4.Tea isn’t just rich because he’s a rockstar. He was born into A LOT of money.

5.Tea almost always wears ladies underwear these days, even when he’s dressed in ‘boy clothes’



My lovely boys


My lovely boys

selfie replies?!?

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Anonymous asked: "Hi Lola! I just wondered how you made your Meteorite posters I love them and I wanna do that kinda stuff with my own pictures. Thanks for a great blog bye!"

They’re on aikea’s wall writing mesh and she posted a tutorial about how to use it here

Beep boop. It’s sunday.

Beep boop. It’s sunday.

Anonymous asked: "I'm shipping Tea and Jaq so hard right now!"

awwww <3 Tea and Jaq are cute together.. though a total mess 


"Dad, what’s happening?!"

"Lola, go outside and-"

"Did you try cooking again?!”

Oh Joey… Why am i not surprised?

Anonymous asked: "Tea is such a whore. A beautiful, wonderful whore. <3"

Omg! I don’t even… Poor Tea :P He would agree with you that he’s wonderful and beautiful lol 

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Anonymous asked: "I love your downloads. How do you make your shirts? I've noticed with your latest shirt set there was no shine. I know some tutorials around, but not from your brilliant point of view."

Hi! thanks! And erm i dunno, Just like everyone else i guess. As far as i know it’s the specular that controls the shine, so having that dark or completely black helps.. i think

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Anonymous asked: "you should do more stylesheets :3 maybe about tattoos, male pants and accessories ?"

I’m working on one for Tea’s wardrobe at the minute! I don’t do them very much because it’s SUPER time consuming, but i would like to make more!

Decisions.. Decisions…