Look at what the bats dragged in.

Murderdolls Morgue

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(He does have rather nice legs.) So you gender convert, or gender enable? I’m tryna decide f I want to be bold enough to CTU some heels for guys do my sims can wear sexy boots. :P

I just enable them for males in s3pe. No mesh editing or anything lol The joints at the waist on some things isnt too bad. It’s easily editable in photoshop

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How do you keep getting female shoes for males? I meant to ask you several weeks ago, actually. :P

He has girl shoes cause he has girl legs :P I’m just using female bottoms and shoes and fixing the mess at the waist in photoshop lol

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I know whose butt that is! XD

It’s an easy butt to recognize :P 

Showing no signs of calming down now he’s engaged, still partying heavily now with his fiancee in tow, Teodoro Zaccarda and Tea Meteorite have become a much talked about subject in the last few months. From Teodoro’s life saving surgery after a vicious attack, his extravagant marriage proposal and Tea regularly being on both best and worst dressed lists, the couple have been constantly hitting the tabloids.

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"I have loved you, from the very moment I saw you.  From the moment you carried that ridiculously full wineglass across the floor to me the first night we met, to the weeks you stayed by my side in the hospital.  I love you. My heart is already yours. I needed you to be free of our obligations tonight so if you choose to, you can say yes with no thought of obedience or servitude. Will you give me your heart? Will you stay by my side forever?  Will you marry me Terrance? "

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that’s quite the litter!

A litter! Hehe awwwww.

So we had a little bit of an accident. I messed tea and teo up and the only updated save of them i had, Tea was still pregnant with the twins.. so when i replace the messed up Tea with new Tea… he had another 2 girls…

Now Tea and Teo have 6 children and god help me.

in order of the top picture: Antonio, Maria, Nora, Maila Lilly, Teodoro, Terrance, Rosa, Sofie.